Do You Want to Deal with Direct Lenders?

14/07/2012 21:56


We are happy to announce that our lending company is going to sponsor a seminar for direct payday lenders only. This seminar is actually brainstorming of new loan deals that lenders can offer their customers and to find more ways to serve people. We are very optimistic that this seminar will just be a success and this is a good example where we see people cooperate with each other in making things better for all. People will realize that this business is not just all about money it is also about cooperation and making things better for everyone. Other lending companies have rolled their eyes and say that we're only doing this as marketing strategy. They just can't accept that this event will draw crowds that have never happened through their lifetime. I think it's because we have a heart to help people we are not driven by profit. We are very proud to sponsor this seminar for direct payday lenders only things just gets better.


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